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Related article: Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 19:57:55 -0800 (PST) From: T. Chase McPhee Subject: Adventures In Nature 04The story below is a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblances to real people, alive or in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons, in towns, cities, countries, nor governmental areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most state and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by law. Check with your local laws regarding such. % Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, this is fiction. In real life, use protection.%"Adventures In Nature" 04 wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%The beauty of the sunset couldn't compare to the feeling Juan was having, slowly massaging Riley's ass canal, moving in and out, his groans attested to the awesome feeling every fiber of his cock was sensing. Every now and then with part of the erotic swelling of his shaft, he would look down at Riley's face. "Could've been worse. I could've been a ten or eleven!""Just takes getting used to," Riley states, trying to get the hang of being a good bottom, one that enjoys having his tight ass invaded."I can tell I'm your first fuck." There was a pause of no reply. Sensing something, Juan took the initiative to say, "You're not as good an actor as you think you are, ya know?" With that said, he pulled back, his thighs moving away from Riley's legs, his juicy meat feeling the light breeze as it was yanked from it's warm cavern.Gently allowing Riley's legs lower from his shoulders, Riley apologized, "Sorry, but it's not doing anything for me.""I already knew that," Juan tells him."Oh?"Riley should have known the answer to that, especially when he's excited guys, plugging their holes, a sure thing they were enjoying the experience, their cocks raging, precum lathering up their shafts, pubes and balls."This?" Juan says, handling Riley's semi-hard shaft. "What does it get up to? Ten inches? Eleven?""Ten or eleven. I never measured it," Riley says, as the two talk `shop'."I'm sorry it's not working out. I was really starting to like you."Taking his neck in his big strong hand, Riley responds, "No reason why we have to stop," pulling Juan down to his level, locking lips. As they're enjoying sharing tongues, Riley feels Juan's hips gyrating, pressing into his own pubes. Breaking off their kiss, Riley says, "I feel real bad about leaving you like this.""How bad?" Juan says, as if an angle to the comment."I suppose I should let you finish what you started," Riley tells him, spreading his legs apart, as Juan's bod fits in the middle, lifting his legs, placing his hands under his thighs."No.""No?" Riley questions, "but...""If you're not feeling it, I'm not getting anything out of it. I mean, I have to admit it turned me on because I was the first to bust your cherry, but now...""At least let me jerk you off then? It's the least I could do.""Or... have you ever sucked a guy off?""You're pushing it, Juan!""Bad idea. Okay. Never mind. Let's just get dressed and head back," Juan resorts to, getting up, picking up his briefs from the ground, standing, readying to step into them.Staring, Riley watches as Juan pulls the lowrise briefs up to two inches below his navel. Reaching over to pick up his jeans, Juan feels a tug at the side of his briefs."What the fuck you doing, Riley?""What do you think I'm doing?" He returns, sitting up on his knees, as both hands now peel the waistband of Juan's briefs down.With his hands on his hips, Juan doesn't refuse the action, allowing the twenty-eight year have his way, as his briefs drop to his ankles. "Is that all you're going to do is stand there?""What do you want me to do?"Grabbing Juan's, forearm, Riley sets him off balance, helping to break the swimmer's dive, onto the blanket. As with two and a half hours ago, Riley's cock and balls hang down, as he lowers his shoulders, his mouth open, taking Juan's tall erection up his ass.%"Homework all done?""Yup," Phillip and Aidan reply to their dads."How about your project? Everything squared away?" Steve inquires."Yup. Want to see?"Steve, setting his pen down on his grade book, Barry folds up the Sunday paper, the two following Aidan and Philip into their room. All it takes is bringing up a few folders on the computer, to show the extensive work the two preteens have done. Leaving, Barry remarks to Steve, "They know more about computers than we do!""Right. Don't ever ask me to bring up a spreadsheet!""What's a spreadsheet?" Barry jokes."Um, something you spread on the bed so cum doesn't leak all over it?""Steve, will you stop it. We've still got a coupla hours before we can get horny!""Dad?""Oh Mark. How you feeling, son?""Good," the eighteen year old replies, as he enters the livingroom."What's on your mind?""It's kind of creepy being alone in my room. When's Denis coming home?"Placing the folded paper on the table for the second time, Barry answers, "Mark, Denis needs a lot of help. I don't think any of us can predict when he will be fit to come home.""Maybe in a few days?" Mark replies, distressed."Not this week," Steve says. "Probably not for a month.""What about exams... the prom... graduation?" Mark quizzes the dads."Those are questions we can't answer right now, son," Barry says."Okay. No problem. Do you think you can loan me a twenty, for gas, until I can start my job?""How's the car running?" Barry asks, as he digs in his back pocket for his wallet."Good. I wish Denis were around to use it too. It's half his car too, you know.""I know," Barry tells him, handing him the twenty.As the phone rings, Steve reaches for the remote. Saying "Hello," he turns it over to Mark, telling him, "It's for you... Jose Vega?"Both dads look at each other, exchanging a tiny smile, as Mark's disposition suddenly takes a leap out of the murky mire, responding, "Cool." Returning to his dads, a minute later, Mark says, "I know I'm old enough to make own decisions, but on account of I just got out of the hospital, do you think it's alright if I go have a burger with Jose?"Barry replies, dropping the newspaper to his lap, "Why don't you invite Jose over for dinner with us?"Steve tells him, "I'm sure Max has enough prepared for an army!""Sure," Mark replies, walking away, uncupping his hand from the phone, turning his attention back to Jose, "Um, how about I come and pick you up and..." the invitation trails off."Nice that Mark made a friend while he was in the hospital," Steve says, writing something in his lesson plan book.>From behind his newspaper, Barry states, "Jose seems like a nice kid. It's a Preteen Lolitas Bbs shame what he had to go through to get Denis off the hook with that Harry character."Stopping for a moment, clicking the top of his pen, Steve looks at the front and back pages of the paper. "Y'know, Barry, it's come to me time and again, since it happened, that it wasn't by chance Jose wound up in the supply closet with Harry Preteen Lolitas Bbs Morse.""Are you insinuating Jose maybe had a plan?" Barry says, dropping his paper for the umpteenth time."Maybe it's just me, but like I said, I have this feeling.""Well, it's no secret, Steve, that Jose likes our boys.""Possibly one more than the other?" Steve smiles."I think you're reading into things, Steve.""Do you mean about Jose and Mark or setting the stage to get Denis off the hook?""Let's not jump to conclusions, either way, Steve. I mean, it was fortunate Harry Morse confessed everything to the police. After his statement, they couldn't help but drop the charges against Denis. Whether Jose had anything to do with it, is immaterial at this point.""But I think we do owe Jose our thanks.""And I think a cordial thank you will do," Barry says, picking up his paper."I suppose," Steve replies, going back to his lesson plans."Okay, I'm off to pick up Jose, at the hospital," Mark says, jingling his keys in his hand."Are you sure you're okay to drive, son?" The newspaper comes down."I'll be fine, dad.""Drive slowly," Steve adds, as the teen heads out the front door.%"Nice setup you've got here," Tony says, reaching up, grabbing hold of the lat bar, with each hand, sitting, thinking he'll bring the bar down with him. "Oh shit!""Problem?" Jack says, seeing Tony hanging by his arms, dark, hairy armpits flaunted, his butt inches from the bench."Like I said," Tony recovers from his embarrassment, "I haven't been to a gym in awhile. You can lift all this weight?""Sure. Let me at it."Relinquishing his seat to the twenty-seven year old, Jack reaches back, yanking on the label area of his tank top, pulling it off over his head."Nice," Tony says, staring at the tight pecs, 6-pack abs. Then amazed, as Jack effortlessly grabs hold of the lat bar and hikes it down to chest height. "Awesome!"After three reps, Jack asks, "Hey, Preteen Lolitas Bbs you want a beer?""Aren't you worried about carbs?""Nah. Not today at least. C'mon. I've got some stashed in the cube," Jack says, dismounting the bench, hopping to his feet and pacing over to a set of cabinets. Under one, a half-sized fridge sits. Opening it, Jack removes two bottles."At least it's `lite'," Tony says."C'mon. Let's go upstairs."Tony figured they would hang around in the living room, but when they started up the second flight of stairs, he kind of got an idea where Jack was headed."Make yourself comfortable," Jack said, going at the belt buckle on his pants."Um, right," Tony said, taking a chug of his beer, noticing Jack kicking off his sneakers, and lowering his zipper."Hey, you up for a shower?" Jack asks, tossing his pants on Preteen Lolitas Bbs a chair, standing on one foot to peel a sock off.With a fake cough, Tony replies, "Well, I `am' a little sweaty from the closet."By the time Tony got to the end of his reply, Jack had dashed into the adjoining room. In seconds, Tony heard water being turned on. Still with bottle in hand, he made his way to the doorway Jack disappeared through. In the supply closet, at the hospital, Jack got to see what Tony looked like, from the navel down, now he was feasting his eyes on Jack's `all-together'. "Nice tan," Tony comments, seeing the pale look of Jack's ass and pubes, against his tanned legs and upper bod."Yeah, ah thanks. You going to join me or what?" Jack asks, stepping into the clear glass shower stall."How can I refuse?" Tony says, licking his lips, as he eyes up Jack's hairy asscrack.Bottle in the air, he chugs down the last of his beer, setting the bottle on the vanity. "Be right with ya... gotta take a piss, man."Before he could do anything, a hand grabbed him from behind, wadding the back of his tank top up, pulling him into the shower."Heeeey! You're getting me all fuckin' wet!""Got a dryer downstairs, so don't worry about it," Jack said, staring at the soaked swimmer-jock."Now I'm going to get the Preteen Lolitas Bbs floor all wet," Tony argues."Why?" Jack asks, as if leading him on, knowing the subject already on Tony's mind."Because I gotta take a leak man and I have to do it bad!"Still holding Tony in the shower, Jack takes the tails of Tony's tank top and lifts it overhead, Tony's arms reaching towards the ceiling. He balls it up, tossing it out of the shower door, it landing in the sink with a slapping sound. "Here, lean on me," Jack says, taking Tony's arms and depositing them on his shoulders. Bending over, he takes each of Tony's feet, removing a sneaker and sock. They go the same way as the tank top."You better let me out. I really gotta go, Jack!"Smiling, Jack takes hold of the elastic of Tony's gymshorts, hooking his thumbs under both shorts and briefs, pulling them down both down in unison. Out pops Tony's hard shaft, hard for a different reason."Good... now let me..."As Tony walks towards the shower exit, Jack puts his hand on the lever, closing it."What are you doing man? I've gotta go something fierce!"Reaching up with his other hand, Jack moves the shower head so the water teems on the tiled wall."So, go!""What're you talking about Jack?""Do you think you can reach my chest?" Jack questions, still probing to see if Tony gets it."Your chest? What are you talking about?""You've gotta go... so go!" With no response, Jack says, "Here, let me make it easier for you."Getting down on his knees, sitting erect, he puts his hands behind his back."What are you doing Jack?""I thought it would be obvious by now, Tony. I want you to piss on me!""Piss on you? Ugh. That's gotta be the grossest thing I've ever heard! Excuse me. I think I've had enough `shower'.""No, wait Tony," Jack says, undoing his crisscrossed fingers from behind his back, a hand moving like lightning, grasping Tony's forearm.His arm in the shower, his dripping bod standing outside, Tony replies, "No thanks, man. I'm going to relieve myself, `in the toilet', then get my clothes on and get outta here."Releasing the hand, Jack gets up to his feet. By the time he exits the shower stall, he hears Tony tinkling. Standing at the vanity, he sees his wet self in the mirror. "Listen Tony, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you.""No problem. To each his own."Then, looking down, Jack picks up the wet clothes out of the basin. "I've gotta put these in the dryer for you.""I can dry them back at the dorm. You must have a pair of gym shorts and tank top I can borrow," Tony says, shaking his loose cock out, after pissing."Sure. No problem," Jack says, not as upbeat as twenty minutes ago.Leaving, wet clothes in a plastic bag, Tony gets into his yellow PT cruiser, he followed Jack home with. With only gym shorts following the contours of his ass, Jack follows him out, saying, "I'm real sorry it worked out like this, Tony.""Yeah," Tony replies, adding, "thanks for the blowjob at the hospital," then turns on the ignition, putting it in reverse and backing out of the driveway. With light traffic it took about fifteen minutes before he pulled through the gates at WRCC. The whole time, Tony carried on a one-man conversation. "I can't believe it... we started out okay, but then he asks me to piss on him? Geesh! What is this world coming to?""Back already, Ton?""Yeah."Seeing the downcast look on Tony's face, Matt figured it was about Denis, asking, "What's the matter? Didn't hit it off with Denis?""Huh? What's that supposed to mean?" Tony argued, as he dropped the wet bag of clothes on the bed."I was just saying... well, um...""Well shit-say-it and get it outta your system, Matthew!""All I'm saying is... well, the way it looks is... like you've got the hots for Denis Clark, Tony.""You're way off base here, Drijver. I'm like concerned for the guy because he's part of the swim team. As representative, I went to the hospital to make sure he's doing okay, but he's not, okay. So there you have it.""But I thought Denis was snapping out of it?" Matt follows up with, hitting `save' on his computer, backing his chair out and turning to Tony. Right away he notices `they' aren't Tony's clothes on him, then spots the bag of wet clothes in the see-thru bag. "What happened to your clothes?""Denis has got big problems. He needs all the support he can get. I figure, other than his family, it would be nice to show somebody else cares about him.""You're right," Matt tells him, holding up the bag of sopping wet clothes. "What happened here?""Long story," Tony replies, snatching the bag out of Matt's hand."You don't have to get grabby. So what gives with the clothes?"Tony tosses the whole thing in the community hamper."That's not going to make them dry, Ton.""I know," Tony states. "I'll tend to them in a minute."Taking a dive, the hundred and eighty-eight pound swimmer flops into his bed, chin landing on the pillow, as he says, "What a nightmare!""Why? What happened with Denis?""It's not Denis I'm talking about, even though..." After relaying the facts as he knew them about Denis, stopping him from pounding Julian Bergne with the chair, the following scene of him getting shot up with an intense sedative, waiting as he was transferred to the mental wing of the hospital, he ended with, "then Jack had to step into my life.""Jack? Who's Jack?" Matt asks, tapping the side of Tony's ass, to move over so he could sit on the bed.Turning completely over, onto his back, Tony stretches the slightly small tank top, as he pivots his arms behind his head, his deep navel appearing below the tail. Matt lies down on the bed next to him, taking up the same position."So, tell me about this `Jack'?"Tony states, initially, he was really turned on by Jack, especially when he dragged him into the supply closet at the hospital, offering to relieve him of his monster erection."So, you plug his ass?" Matt asks."No. It wasn't that type of a place. He wanted to give me a quickie, telling me he would spend more time massaging my cock, when we got to his place. Hot blowjob, though. The man is talented.""So, you got the full treatment at his place, did you?""Hmm... I figured it might lead to it, then he did something... something... I don't know what you call it `odd' maybe, but it was the grossest thing I ever heard of doing," Tony said, with disgust."Kinky?" Matt suggests."Yeah, that's the word... `kinky' is right!" Telling about how his clothes got wet, Tony went on to say, "Then when I said I had to piss real bad, he got on his knees and told me to piss on him. You ever hear anything more gross in your whole life?""Well," Matt says nonchalantly, "it's obvious it was turning Jack on.""Maybe you didn't hear me right... he wanted me to point my cock at him and piss all over his chest.""If it would making him feel good, I think you should have done it.""Wait. I don't believe I'm hearing this. You're putting me down for not pissing all over the guy?" Tony questions."I'm not putting you down, Tony. You asked my opinion and I'm giving it to you. I mean, it's obvious you dig the guy because you went home with him.""I went home with him for another blowjob, not taking a leak on him in the shower.""Well, look," Matt says, getting up, "it's apparent this is something you don't want to do. I mean, there wouldn't have been any harm if you had done what Jack asked you to do and then you could have had sex anyway. Doing something he liked most likely would have added to the enjoyment you would be receiving later on. What harm would it have been to piss on the guy, then have him shower it off? I've gotta work on my paper."For the next five minutes, Matt typed away at his computer keyboard, as Tony sat on the side of the bed, thinking, then retrieved the bag of wet clothes from the hamper. "I'm headed to the laundry to dry these out."Matt replied an almost inaudible, "Okay.""You're still mad at me, aren't you?""I'm not mad at you, Tony. I have to get this paper done for tomorrow. It's your life. You live it the way you want."Walking the corridor, Tony exerted a hasty smile whenever one of Preteen Lolitas Bbs his buds passed him by, adding a "Hey," but his mind dwelled more on what was said by his roommate. Trudging each of the stair-steps downwards, he thought about how it wouldn't have been so bad to have appeased Jack's wishes. Sure, he could have showered off and it would have been done and over with. Other than his weird request, Tony thought Jack was a nice guy. Feeling up his crotch, Tony didn't discount the awesome blowjob he received. At the bottom landing, he hesitated, thinking of whether to continue his descent, to the dorm basement laundry room or head out towards the student parking lot.%Copyright 2007 T. Chase McPhee This story may not be sold, nor made part of any collection, without prior consent from the author.
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